What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap is the application of high performance 3M vinyl to your vehicles painted surfaces. We can transform all your ideas from your head to the vehicle and create a creative and powerful advertising medium.  Call today to get started! 

How long does the vehicle wrap process take?

Typically the design process is the longest part of the overall vehicle wrap experience. Depending on the difficulty and the customer input the design can take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks to finalize. Once the design is finalized the install process is normally a 1-3 day process depending on difficulty of wrap.

What if I have a design in mind?

Great! We frequently have customers who have an idea of what they want. We like to work with you to go over the do’s and don’ts of vehicle wraps, then we can put your design on the screen and move along with the wrap process.

What are the artwork requirements if I have a designer of my choice create the wrap?

While we recommend having our design team create the artwork for your wrap, we have also worked with designers in the past to produce vehicle wraps that demand attention. We are familiar with vehicles intricacies (such as gas tank door, molding placement and more) and design our wraps accordingly.

Please view this file to view our artwork requirements.

Please note, we are also able to provide a template of your vehicles exact dimensions to your designer. This is highly recommended, as this helps to streamline the vehicle wrap design process, and eliminate some of the problems associated with vehicle wrap design.

For more information regarding artwork submission requirements, please contact us at 609.801.1897, or email sam@acmelingo.com

What protects the vehicle wrap?

We use a special 3M laminate to protect the wrap film. This provides protection from scratches as well as UV sun rays.  We use an optically clear laminate on our perforated window vinyl for maximum visibility and protection.

How long will my wrap last?

If cared for properly, vehicle wraps will last 4-5 years.  Perforated vinyl on windows will be 2-3 years.

What about the windows on my vehicle?

Each case is specific to the design of the car, and the wishes of the client. We always wrap the back windows with a perforated vinyl that is 50% holes, and 50% vinyl. This offers you the ability to see out the back window, while adding privacy from people trying to look in. The side windows are typically wrapped with the same perforated vinyl, but may also be wrapped in the typical vehicle wrap vinyl to suit the needs of the client.

Should I wrap the roof?

If your vehicle will be in urban areas with high rise buildings or you are changing the color of the vehicle complete then yes, you should wrap the roof.

Does the vehicle wrap damage my paint?

The vehicle wrap protects your paint from the harmful effects of Mother Nature. In addition to UV protection, since the vehicle wrap is not permanent, your paint will look just as pristine as it did the day you dropped your car off to be wrapped. The benefits are two-fold; you will be adding resale value to your vehicle, all while promoting your business. (Removal of vinyl can damage repaired or repainted areas if not properly refinished prior to wrapping)

How should I care for my vehicle wrap?

Soap and water with a regular hand wash will be fine. We recommend that the vehicle is washed regularly, as salt and grim from the road will deteriorate the wrap. 

Will you remove my old vehicle lettering and graphics?

Yes we can.  However, removal of old graphics can be very time consuming and it is not easy to predict how long it will take.  How long the graphics have been on, what type of vinyl was used and how much coverage there is all effect how long it takes for removal.   We charge for removal of graphics based on time and material, but keep in mind that we have experience and the most advanced equipment needed to remove it quickly and without damage to your vehicle. (Removal of vinyl can damage repaired or repainted areas if not properly refinished)

Click here for the graphic removal form.

Why are wraps such a cost effective type of advertising?

All businesses advertising and your dollars need to be spent wisely.  Vehicle wraps have the lowest cost per thousand views of all other types of advertising.  It costs roughly $24/1000 views for TV and $20/1000 views for newspaper, $8/1000 for radio and $3.50/1000 for billboards.  Vehicle wraps are ONLY $0.46/1000! Think about it, your vehicles is seen everywhere you do business. Why not have it advertising for you 24/7, moving or parked.   Call today to get started!

Do I have to have a full wrap?

The answer is NO.  We can create a visually attractive and effective wrap for your vehicle covering ¾ or even only ½ of your vehicle. Call us today for more details.

What is your warranty?

Acme/Lingo offers a 1 year warranty.  Please click here for full warranty.

Should I wait to get started?

Yes, if you want to delay an increase potential sales, phone calls and attention for your business! If not, then CALL US TODAY, so we can get started!